We have the technology, what’s the problem?

Big news lately is that Canada is about to become the first country to declare BPA a dangerous, toxic chemical. This will start the wheels rolling on an eventual possible ban on the use of this chemical in plastics associated with baby bottles, sippy cups, and water bottles.

I’m still not convinced about the dangers of BPA in the general population. But while my BS-meter is still ticking away like a Geiger counter, my level of caution has increased significantly since Cameron came into my life. I’m becoming much more green-aware, and the label ‘green’ seems to now also apply to reducing toxins going into our bodies, not just reducing our footprints and carbon emissions.

I’ll admit I’ve started thinking twice about Cameron’s plastics. He wants warm milk? That goes in a ceramic mug. Period. We’ve had a few meltdowns when he wants it in his blue plastic cup. Given the choice, I’ll insist he sits and I’ll give him a glass or mug instead of handing him a plastic sippy.

But there are non-BPA sippies out there, you say? Sure there are. They’re nicely reviewed here: http://www.naturemoms.com/blog/2007/09/04/bpa-free-safe-sippy-cups/

Cameron has a Klean Kanteen one. I do love it. I adore mine. I look forward to Cameron being able to use the sport spout attachment. But for now, that’s too leaky. Or I’m assuming it is. Maybe I should test that. But here’s the thing … the sippy spout leaks! Argh! So he’s limited to sitting still (in which case why not use a cup) or drinking water from it. I’m tired of the sticky spots that juice drips leave.

I checked out the Born Free bottles at Capers today. They have sippy attachments to replace the nipples they come with. But they look like the transition-style sippies, the ones that are for all intents and purposes nipples. I’d rather Cameron doesn’t go back to that style.

Also available were the Sigg bottles. Okay, Cameron’s not yet at a point where he can twist the lid to the ‘open’ station, or think to close the covering-lid. So I leave it open … and it leaks everywhere. Nothanks!

That’s it. That’s all there was.

With the ‘green’ and ‘natural’ movement so big, you’d think the other companies would be leaping on this bandwagon and doing all they can to show they don’t have BPAs. Sure, the declaration about to be made is in Canada, and let’s face it, we’re small potatoes. But surely the US customer base isn’t that far away from those of us north of the border?

I’m looking forward to seeing the rush to announce BPA free plastics in sippy cups. And hopefully some of them won’t leak! We have the technology folks, can’t we make a leak-proof BPA-free sippy cup?


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