One more for the Weird Allergy Family

“Owwwwiiiiieee, foot hurt!” Came the wee call from the crib in the darkened room. I could see that he’d stuck his foot out of the crib AGAIN, and thought to myself delay tactic. “Naptime Cameron, sleepytime.” He’d already gotten numerous kisses, spoonsful of yogurt, a diaper change, pants change, a sweater, and many blanket re-arrangements.

When nap time was over, the ‘feet hurt’ distress was all gone. We played. We iChatted with my dad and stepmom. Partway through, “Feet hurt!” He desperately wanted his socks off. His feet and toes got lots of kisses; I saw nothing wrong. He got up to run around and play. Occasionally he’d yell, “Feet hurt!” I assumed each time that he’d stubbed his toe. He refused to wear socks, and you know how stubbing your cold toes can feel, right? Finally, around two minutes after iChatting was done, I was kissing Cameron’s foot again, and I noticed … bumps. Little whitish splotchy flat bumps. Then more. His other foot was fine. No … no it wasn’t. There’s a bump. What the … more bumps! A few up his legs, too. By the time I’d smeared some anti-itch cream on his feet and decided to call the Nurses’ Help line, his feet were covered in hives and he was frantically scratching at them.

I still have NO CLUE what did it.

Possible culprits:
Socks/ laundry detergent: Nope. Bad mommy confession here. I don’t wash his socks every day he wears them. These were second-day socks. He was fine with them yesterday.
Shoes: Socks were between those and his feet? He wears those shoes every single day.
Something at Family Place, where we were today: He’s been there many many times before with daycare, and wore his shoes and socks the whole time
Poppy seeds: a known culprit for hives with him, but on his feet? He might have gotten a bite of a cracker that had poppy seeds in it, so maybe a half-dozen or so seeds. Another mom swore up and down it was her kid who had the bite of cracker not Cameron. Plus, food allergy hives are usually on the body. When he reacted with hives before, it was his face and trunk. To get hives like that on his feet he would’ve had to take his shoes and socks off, stuff them full of the seeds, and then put them back on his feet.

I so don’t get it.

He’s sound asleep now, with a stiff dose of benedryl in him. Every time I drug my kid with something that makes him sleep I freak, worried he’ll stop breathing. Does that fear ever go away? It’s totally irrational, he’s had this dose of Benedryl several times already. And I’m dealing with mommy-guilt (honest, at first he didn’t have the hives) and trying to figure out what happened so it doesn’t happen again.


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