The metaphysical nature of brownies … or something

We’d just come up Cambie Street, after unsuccessfully trying to see “Auntie Chris” running in the Sun Run. Lots of construction for Cameron to look at, and a close-up view of a police car and two police men. Okay I’ll admit it, I enjoyed that part. Still SO not thinking of dating, but wowsa one of them was good looking. Ahem. Anyway. That’s not what I want to write about.

Cameron loves Starbucks. Also not the point, hang in there, I’m getting to it. So we went into one (he can spot them a mile away, calls them “Tar-Bucks, Yogurt,” thanks to their yogurt, fruit, and granola parfaits) and splurged on an assortment of somewhat healthy goodies. We were settling down to enjoy them when a guy sitting in one of the comfy chairs asked, “Hey. Didn’t you used to work in the D— Lab?” What a shock! I didn’t even recognize him at first. Mike. He was a RA/Tech for Rosie’s lab when I started in the D– lab five years ago. Sweet guy, brought me brownies when I had to work all night long, and kept me company – I think he was working on a paper that night. And here he was, hadn’t heard from him in years, and he’s in Starbucks. I thought of him now and then, wondering what ever happened to him, he was going backpacking through Central America and we never heard much after that.

I’m not a big believer in fate, a Grand Meaning to Life, or deities. But it’s really hard to ignore that sometimes things happen that have only a very, very small probability of happening. Like running into Mike. And having him recognize me – I’ve changed a lot, or so I think, in the last few years. On the other hand, my highschool friends on Facebook say I haven’t changed since I was 18. It’s also hard to ignore that sometimes ‘things’ just seem to align to happen. When such oddities have happened before, it’s seemed to lead to some big change in my life.

This leads to me ask in unguarded moments, “What brought this person into my life, what purpose? And for me, or them?” Once the thought becomes conscious, it’s almost always dismissed pretty quickly. Almost entirely. Just little tendrils of the concept tickling at the edges of my thought. Maybe it’s that recognition that seems to ‘make things happen’. And yes, it’s not always my benefit. Sometimes it seems I was brought into someone’s life to help them in a way.

Is all of this just me noticing random events and pulling what I need out of the experience? After all, meeting some woman from Germany and giving her directions on the street could apply as well, but I just don’t take notice of it. Or is there more going on? Every now and then I find myself facing this question. Maybe I’m PMSing. That would explain it all. Okay, maybe not Mike being in the coffee shop and recognizing me, but generally how I feel about it all. On the other hand, maybe for some reason I needed to remember that brownie and overnight in the lab, and God reached down and ‘put’ Mike there to remind me. It was a good brownie after all.


2 responses to “The metaphysical nature of brownies … or something

  1. LOL Pms… when pmsing, I have a mantra. Don’t talk to people. Don’t challenge or confront situations. Don’t over analyze. Group pms with my morning walks, I have just waaaay too much zest for my own good. What I blurt out to people during this time I almost always regret later.

    Now onto that ‘chances’ thing, I do the same thing. Too much forsight or insignificant? We don’t know yet. That’s the beauty of it. Some things are out of our hands so we get to simply enjoy the ride. Then again, in most cases, you’re presented with a fork in the road. Whachagonnado about it? Which way? Either choice, you will have a somewhat life changing experience.

    If you went to the cute cop for smalltalk, he may have been single. It was a choice to not do anything too.

    Life is challenging that way. But never, ever, boring.

    What’s my point?!? NO idea. I may be pmsing…


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