Happy Earth Day!

Did I do anything to mark the occasion? Uh. No. I kinda forgot. And I’m not sure what I would’ve done beyond my normal.
Replace light bulbs with energy efficient ones? Half are done already.
Not drive my car. Uh. I don’t own a car.
Take the bus. I do that every day.
Walk instead of bus where possible. Again, every day.
Recycle! Daily.
Compost. Daily.
The kitty’s litter is made from biodegradable environmentally friendly wheat. Okay, it’s not organic wheat, so not totally EF. I’m not made of money you know.
Use my own bags from home instead of plastic ones? Usually. But I didn’t buy anything needing a bag today.
Oh! Oh! I know! I didn’t buy a single plastic item today.
And I did something nice for a total stranger.

What did you do?


In other news, I’ve figured out Cameron’s latest trick to delay going to sleep. Sure, there’s the endless one-more-hug, one-more-kiss. There’s the old standby, “Blanket on Cameron?” But I think he’s figured out that my heart melts into a little puddle of goo when he says, “Night night Mommy. Love you Mommy!”

So it’s bedtime. He asks for, and I give, ten zillion hugs and kisses. I tuck the blanket around him and say, “Night night Cameron.” A pause. Nothing. “I love you Cameron.” Pause. Nothing. Okay, it’s not obligatory or anything, so out I go.

But … he’s apparently figured out that I’m far more obliging with returning for whatever request two minutes later if he hasn’t said those magic words. Or maybe he just doesn’t want to lamely say them after me so I know it’s real not echoed … enh. He’s two.

Or maybe he just doesn’t want to say night night until he’s really ready to sleep. Because that’s how it seems to work. When he says night night, love you Mommy, that’s usually the last time he calls me in.

Tonight, after he said those wonderful words, all I heard afterwards was a few toss and turns, and then that sweet almost-snore of my little love just fallen asleep.


One response to “Happy Earth Day!

  1. The more I read about you the more I like you! You are a pretty cool person.

    No Earth Day for me. I used too much water, plastic forks that I threw in the trash, drove my car in big circles all day… 🙂 Just kidding. I’m glad for my divorce, because I’m not driving my ex-step-daughter to school 10 miles one way anymore. I usually walk my son to his child care (two blocks away), and I recycle stuff. I already have the mercury bulbs…when Light Emitting Diodes get cheap enough, I’ll probably get those instead, because I don’t think they have any mercury. And when I get rich, I’ll invest in solar panels for my roof!

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