Nested Procrastinatio …

Not to toot my own horn, but I am a Grand Master at procrastination.

Family legend has it (and I vaguely recall this day) that I came home from grade four one day and told my mother that Mr.Gervais called me a big name that started with the letter P. Knowing her younger daughter so well, Mom immediately asked, “Was it procrastinator?” I was amazed, that was it, how did she know? But I didn’t know what it meant. “Look it up in the dictionary,” was the inevitable suggestion.

“Maybe later,” I replied.

And I’m still at it.

See here, right now? I’m procrastinating by writing.

I stopped tidying my room, which is admittedly in dire need of it. I started tidying my room because I “needed the space to work” while I was sorting out Cameron’s clothes from the laundry pile and his room, trying to evaluate just what he needs and doesn’t need in terms of clothes. Before that I was searching for the USB connector for my camera, which I was doing to delay filing my taxes (I have to decide whether or not I want to fill out the extra form to claim my computer as a work expense, when I know they’ll probably disallow it, and even if I get away with it I’ll worry for seven years that they’ll audit me and I’ll have to pay back money). Which I was doing to delay facing the reality that my extended health benefit is going to run out and I need to file *gasp* paperwork to get some $$ back. You’d think that would be something I’d want to do. But that would involve hauling out the printer … which involves putting away the laundry in the pile that’s blocking my closet door, then finding my printer paper in the pile of ‘stuff’ behind the pantry door that I haven’t yet “had time” to put away (I think it’s been there since I moved it there from the nook it was in when a cabinet was bought to occupy that nook two years ago). At least, I think that’s where the paper is. Because I probably procrastinated putting it into the closet with the printer for some indiscernible reason. Probably laundry was in the way. But why, you might ask, was I doing the health insurance stuff? Aren’t I supposed to be spending my days doing something else?

Something else. What could it be?

Oh yeah. Job hunting. My favourite activity of all time. Whee.

Why job hunt when you can procrastinate?

Oh, man. I could use a cup of tea. I’ll post this later.


One response to “Nested Procrastinatio …

  1. I think I could challenge you for that Grand Master title, I have to propose a PhD thesis project in a field I know NOTHING about. Am I diligently reading journal articles to learn about my proposed field of studying, designing elegant experiments, determining what preliminary research needs to be done? Nope I’m watching a movie and reading blogs! I am so NOT made to be a phd student.

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