One Week

It’s been a whole week! More than that if we’re talking about writing here every day, but I’m talking about something else entirely.

Last week on Friday I flipped a little over my apartment. It was, in my eyes, horrific. Disgusting. Garbage almost overflowing. I had to wash a spoon and bowl so Cameron and I could eat breakfast (we shared!). The floors needed to be swept and mopped. The bathroom mirror was so splattered I’m surprised I could recognize myself in it. And let’s just say the toilet needed cleaning, and leave it at that, shall we?

I rearranged my kitchen for starters. You see, I’d had the fridge, the microwave, the toaster, a light, and the stove all on one circuit. STOVE, you say? Nono, relax, its only power draw is the ignition sparks, it’s a gas stove. But three of those are power gobblers. After a few times tripping the circuit I learned and put them on a power bar. Still, why all the same circuit? Well folks, my apartment is in a house that’s almost a hundred years old. “Code” has nothing to do with how this place is wired. I have two outlets in my entire kitchen. Two in my livingroom. One in my bedroom. I’ve turned the ceiling fixture light in Cameron’s bedroom into a single-plug outlet. That my friends is all the electricity I get. So I moved things around in my kitchen – the microwave is now on a different circuit than my fridge and toaster. I think that having the microwave cart semi-behind my ‘pantry’ (re-made closet under the eves) helps make the rest of the kitchen look less crowded, and gives Cameron more playspace in his area.

Then I cleaned. That day I washed every dish in the apartment and put it all away. I wiped all surfaces. I dealt with piles. I put Cameron’s toys away. I cleaned the stove. I swept, then mopped the floor. On to the bathroom and WC where I took care of that toilet, tidied up my pile of stuff in the WC (books, magazines, toys for Cameron, stuff) , washed the sink and tub, wiped the mirror, sorted some of Cameron’s bath toys, swept and mopped the floors. The pile of laundry that was threatening to close the door and throw its own party was sorted, and I made good inroads into getting that under control.

The hallway got swept and tidied and dusted and mopped.

Garbage was amassed into one bag and taken out.


Every night since I have ensured that there is not ONE (or two or more) dirty dish in the house when I go to bed. Kitchen surfaces get wiped too. This is in addition to my ‘normal’ quick pick-up of the livingroom.

Since then I’ve kept busy too. My piles of clothes were sorted (toss, give away, or put away), bedroom dusted and vacuumed. Livingroom vacuumed. Stairs and entryway swept. Recycling sorted and put out. Kitty litter dealt with. I’ve made a conscious effort to compost. And on Friday I swept and mopped again.

My goals for this next week:
Continue washing dishes every night, but try to make it so it’s not a heap at 11 pm
Get to bed before 11 pm, even if I’m reading.
Clean out the fridge!
Do some form of exercise every day, chosing from biking, pilates (intro level!), yoga, stretching. Something! I hurt. Seriously. All the effing time. And I know that a big part of that is lack of tummy muscles helping my back out! So, time to do something instead of just whining.
Keep posting here! Need to work on shorter posts, though. There’s something to be said for being concise.

It’s midnight. I’m still up. But I did exercise a wee bit today, biked hauling the trailer and Cameron to a park. Dishes done. And I posted. Not tooooooo bad…


One response to “One Week

  1. Wow! You made me tired just reading everything you did! I did quite a bit of cleaning today, and plan to do more tomorrow. Reding your blog just gave me an extra boost of energy to do more.

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