Sure, I can do PCR. And stuff.

I’m in a total panic. I have an interview. For a job. Really!

It’s a position as a research coordinator at the university I was working at before, in another department. The lab sounds like it does interesting research that I could really get excited about! It’s a management and professional designated job, which means I don’t have ‘seniority’, but then it doesn’t look like I need it here. I hate to look at it this way, but it would look good on my resume. While I’d love to find something longer-term, I can’t live for long on what they’re paying. It’s basically what I was earning in the Doebeli lab.

So here’s the thing. They want to interview me Thursday. Thank goodness I didn’t buy our seats to get to Comox yet! But I’ve got Liska and Ryan coming to stay here tomorrow. So, I sleep on the couch, and we take a later flight to Comox than I like on Thursday night. Not the end of the world. We’ll manage. Okay, next issue, no daycare for Cameron. I’ll work it out. It’ll happen, somehow. Heck, if need be maybe Maite or Phillip can watch him. I’d hate to ask Joanne and Paul, they’ve got a newborn to look after and Cameron’s still a bit runnynosed.

I’m kind of nervous.


I’m downright scared. I haven’t done a formal interview since 1999. Nine years? Has it seriously been that long? That was for an entry-level technician position in a research lab studying something to do with hearts … stent stuff. I didn’t get the job. Since then my ‘interviews’ have consisted of:

“Well, the 4 week position of field assistant is filled. You wouldn’t happen to be interested in a year doing benchwork in a DNA lab, would you? Great!” In other words, at that time, my dream job. This was followed by an in-person interview that started with something like, “I remember you. You’ve got the job if you want it. Here are the details.” This was Bernie. I worked for him for a year.

Then there was Rosie, bemoaning the lack of quality grad students, at a Vancouver Evolution Group meeting. I gather she had either forgotten or never realized I wasn’t a grad student; I was the only undergrad involved and one of the more active members. I asked what she was looking for in a grad student. “Straight A average.” I responded to this, “That’s nice.” In a closing kinda way. I didn’t have her requirements. Not even close. We went from there. I started in her lab a couple months later.

TAing biology intro-level lab was a shoe-in. I was a grad student, I was breathing, no interview needed. TAing upper level genetics was a bit more interviewy. Jennifer asked me if I knew how to do PCR, when we crossed paths by chance one day. Yup. I got the job.

Then my favourite. Michael. This went something like, “Maren tells me you’re looking for work. So, can you do PCR … and stuff?” I said yes, and offered him a copy of my resume. He said he supposed he should have it for his records. I’m still pretty darned proud of the “stuff” I did that redirected the focus of half the lab.

So now I have to stop procrastinating and prepare. I figure I’ll skim publications that came out of the lab, do a bit of googling to see what else is going on in the field, and see what they say on their web page.


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