I’ll be an author! Well, okay, contributor. To a BOOK!

I’d been wondering what was up with the project. But the word came out today! “41 Rules for Working Mothers” is gearing up to its launch date! I’ll be a published author! Okay … I already am, but science stuff. In science journals. This steps me out of scientific writing and into books. Cool!

A few months ago a friend from Babycenter and our break-out group The First Time Mom’s Club asked if any of us working moms would want to write a chapter for this book. I figured what the heck, sent off an email, and before I knew it I was writing a rule. Now, of course, I can’t put it here. You’ll have to wait for the book to come out. It’s due out in June. I’ll post more when I know more.

It was hard to come up with a rule. It had to be something universal, something simple, something so well-duh that a busy working mother would be able to do it without thinking about it. These were my requirements, of course. So I wrote about how to de-stress at the end of the day, put everything in perspective.

Of course now I’m feeling a little foolish, having stopped obeying that particular ‘rule’! And yup, my stress level climbed through the roof. I’ve kind of got things under control again. Sort of. Almost. Still a bit embarrassed about getting so stressed at my Nana’s that Betty and I wound up having a very loud discussion about potty training. But some of that was because Nana was listening to Jeopardy at ultrasonic levels, and shouting was the only way to be heard.

So how am I doing on the self-improvement front?

Anger management – okay, woo, I let myself be angry about the stupid potty training stuff. But it’s still tough. I don’t like to be angry, and will talk myself out if it at almost any cost.

Exercise – ha! hahahahaHA! So not happening. Okay, Cameron and I went to the pool today, but I wasn’t exactly swimming lengths. While we were in Comox I did swim a Km one day, and almost one another, though.

Dishes – done, done, done! I slipped out of it in Comox by kinda letting Betty and Mom take over a lot all of the cleaning duties. But I’m back. And two nights in, no dirty dishes at the end of the day.

Writing here – wasn’t every day while we were gone, but hey, we were gone. I’m still having an inexplicably hard time being involved with the first time mom’s club. I adore them one and all … but just can’t post there for some reason. Odd. Probably something I need to explore.

New thing! I bought a big Rubbermaid container. I bought veggies: broccoli, tomatoes, cauliflower, red pepper, carrots. I washed them, chopped them, and stored them. So since Sunday, veggies have been easy. Grab a handful of this, one of that, steam them. Done. A handful of lettuce, slice a tomato or three (they’re small), toss in some carrots and pepper … salad, done. My current goal is to keep this up for a week, use up the whole tub by Sunday, then repeat. I have the funny feeling that Saturday I’ll eat three salads plus steamed broccoli and cauliflower.

Oh! And I signed up for Mama Renew a few months ago. It starts on Monday! I’m pretty excited.


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