It’s 7:13 pm

Two hours before Cameron usually falls asleep.

Cameron is sound asleep. I can’t believe I managed to keep him awake so long! A morning chasing Nimoo, later morning playing his heart out at playgym, then the afternoon playing with two friends. He was wiped by the time we got home, but it was too late for a nap for him. So, operation Keep Cameron Awake started.

We watched Sesame Street.

We danced.

We cooked supper.

He insisted on eating oatmeal. When I asked him what he wanted in it, he answered, “Honey!” And then as soon as I’d mixed in the honey, “Peanut butter!” Who guessed it … what works for a sandwich works with oatmeal too. I even ate a couple big spoonsful. Not bad!

We watched more Sesame Street.

We called friends and family … and for the most part left messages.

We watched more Sesame Street. This, mind you, is the Old School stuff, from the seventies, the stuff I grew up on. No Elmo in sight. All the same, I’ll be singing, “La-de-da-de-dum, what’s the name of that song?” for the rest of the night.

Cameron had his bath.

We read.

We tossed his zoo of stuffies around. The giggles were amazing, especially when I threw the cold virus into the mix!

Finally, when it looked like Cameron was about ready to fall down, I relented. Boobie time, bedtime.

He was asleep in my arms before I got him in bed.

Here’s hoping he stays that way until 7:20 am again!

Fat chance.


One response to “It’s 7:13 pm

  1. Lovely snapshot of your evening, since I can’t talk I decided to check here before me and my cough try to sleep.
    Love & Hugs to you & Cameron!

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