Apparently They’re a Rare Breed

Do Grandma and Granna need gift consultants?

Heck no. Not in this family at least.

Grandma has certifications, diplomas, degrees, experience, and intuition up the wazoo when it comes to kids. Better yet, she and Grandpa listen. Granna and Grandpa Bill listen too. Betty (who is active enough in Cameron’s life to be considered grandparental here) finds the coolest, most amazing things … and listens. Adrian’s parents, who I think wish to be called Gramma and Grampa, send gifts for Christmas too. While we’re not in communication enough for me to really make requests easily or tactfully, they also showed considerable thought in their choices.

I haven’t given lists. Not exactly. I haven’t been much of a gift list maker since I grew out of circling every toy I wanted in the Sears or Consumers Distributing Christmas Catalogues (I started circling the guys, in imitation of my sister, probably to my parent’s horror). What I’ve done is expressed a “No please and thankyou” list of sorts. Beyond that, they are one and all interested, loving, and attentive enough to make wonderful choices.

My family knows that in general I’m distressed by the plastic junk sold in toy stores, the number of batteries needed, and distaste for plinky music and loud jingles. They share these preferences, from the sounds of it. So there have been lots of wooden toys, lots of books, and the plastic toys have been good quality no/few battery selections from reputable companies. I love WOW toys, by the way, a treasure found by my Mom. I’ve also made it pretty clear that I object to kids being dressed in army camouflage patterns, even if cutesy. There’s been one shirt show up with a wee fish in camouflage appliquéd in as part of the design, no problem there. I don’t think I’ve ever explicitly said “No guns,” but I’m pretty sure my family’s picked up on that one. My son is two and lives in urban Canada. He doesn’t need things that kill, he doesn’t need things designed to help kill or help keep from being killed.

The few requests that I’ve made have been almost instantly attended to! The one that comes to mind is a specific genre of storybook – Bible stories. Many who know me may be surprised at this. Heck, if Adrian reads this he may blow a gasket. But I want Cameron to grow up knowing the stories for many reasons, it doesn’t mean I’m presenting them as factual or what should be believed … bleah. That’s fodder for another post entirely. Anyway. At Christmas I asked Janice to consider giving Cameron an age-appropriate storybook along those lines. A couple weeks later, for Cameron’s birthday, it arrived! Also, I requested a set of wooden alphabet blocks … Mom sent them as soon as she could.

In cases where the grandparent types aren’t really sure, they ask. Wonder of wonders! It’s appreciated. Mom wanted to know if I’d appreciate a DVD of Old-School Sesame Street. YUP! Dad and Janice wanted to know if I’d like a block set in a high density good quality foam. My initial answer was no, thinking yuck, foam. But then I found out more, and changed my mind. It went on the ‘yes’ list.

There have been a couple of mis-steps, but nothing anyone could’ve predicted in advance. A car-trip toy has been stashed in the linen closet at my Nana’s. A book has been “lost” behind my couch. There’ve been some serious flop gifts too

But none of those have come from grandparents.


Does Grandmom need a gift consultant? Not in my house, but from the sounds of a lot of posts in this blog-blast a lot could use help from one.


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