An Okay Reason to Call Mommy After Bedtime


I was a little surprised. He’d said “goodnight” and “Love you Mommy”, and had even gone to bed willingly. Usually those things signal a cooperative, short, bedtime without endless requests. He’d been in bed around fifteen minutes, getting settled on his own quietly.

“Peeeeeeee. I peeeed. Mommy, I peeeeeeeeed.”

I just about cheered. While an appropriate reaction, it would’ve been a bit lively for a bedtime thing. You see, we’ve been half-assedly working on potty training. There have been a few successes, enough that I’m not feeling quite as stressed as I was last week. But this was brand new. When I asked him if he wanted a dry pull-up, he very much wanted one. Okay, it might’ve just been a delay tactic, but I don’t think so. “I peed Mommy. In my pants.” There was a note of distress in his voice that I’m pretty sure he hasn’t yet learned to produce on-call. I immediately reassured him that it was okay, he couldn’t get to the potty, and he can sit on the potty in the morning. Then kissed him, and told him how glad I was that he told me he’d peed, and that I was happy to get him into dry pull-ups. He positively beamed. “Pee on potty in morning!” he announced. He gave me an enthusiastic and tight hug once he was back in his crib, and wiggled a little with excitement.

Then he was out like a light.


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