Ohmygawd I’m tired.

I got to bed around midnight. We had a lovely time over at the Tansy’s, by the way! Before he went to bed I noticed Cameron was having a few breathing issues, and gave him some asthma meds.

One am – Cameron screamed. He was half awake, and breathing heavily, kinda panting, I figured it was the heat.

One thirty, repeat.

Two, reapeat.

Two thirty, I gave up and allowed him to come to bed with me.

Three am I got a clue and gave him more asthma inhaler stuff.

But he didn’t go back to sleep. Until I gave him another dose and put him in his own bed at five.

Slept from five to six.

Cameron wanted the blanket over his feet. I called to him that he was okay, he could do it himself. Every fifteen minutes for an hour while he cried. Somewhere around seven I fell asleep despite the crying for a half an hour.

And here I am. With a WIDE awake little boy who remembers I told him we could go to Granville Island today. And really wants to talk about how steam is very hot. I don’t really want a five minute discussion on this right now. I just want my tea. And he needs his inhaler. What’s going on in his lungs??

(on later reflection … can a kid have an asthma attack hours after exposure to an allergen? Hmmmmm)

(edit #2 – nevermind. He’s got a fever. Not an allergy thing)


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