XX Science! (and other stuff)

Thanks to Scientistmom for pointing me thisaway to Sciencewoman’s blog! Check out the ISEF 2008 winners. Wow! Kudos to those young women.

Read forwards and backwards from that point, the author of Sciencewoman did a great job (from my admitted skim-reading while waiting for Cameron to fall back asleep) of covering this event.


In other stuff, here’s hoping Cameron’s night is better than the last night after a napless day. We’re already off to a poor start though.


I’m really not sure how to handle other kids when they’re here and misbehave. If Cameron bites, kicks, or hits it’s an automatic no-warning time out. Period. Two minutes for foul play. But I know well that Heidi doesn’t do that and doesn’t think it’s appropriate, even feels it’s harmful. How many times can you tell a child “Now, we don’t bite.” Don’t there have to be consequences that aren’t happy ones? Am I not doing Cameron a favour by teaching him that it’s wrong to use force to get what you want? Aly’s so much bigger than him, should I not step in and defend Cameron when he’s getting hit and the toy he’s playing with is being yanked away? And Heidi, if you come across this blog please don’t think I don’t want to sit Aly. I’m just a little frustrated. And listening to my little boy cry, “Miiiine! No!” periodically in his sleep.


Aaand another update. It’s 12:50. I can’t sleep. Because I cannot shake the feeling that I’ve done something really wrong, said something really bad, hurt someone, or … something.

Fucking hell I hate feeling like this. Nothing seems to shake that “Aww, CRAP” feeling.


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