I Didn’t Get the Job

The PIs wrote a very nice letter explaining that they made an offer to the other candidate, who has 20 years experience doing exactly what they do. They also said that everyone was impressed with me in person and on paper.

This other candidate had HOW MANY YEARS experience? Holycrow. And she or he is applying for an intro position previously held by someone without a grad degree or much experience?

How in hell am I going to get a job? If the job market is so awful that someone with 20 years experience is trying to get that job I’m feeling a little bit hopeless. Yeah, I was second choice, yeah they were impressed by me … but there will always be someone with more experience.

So I just sat down and fired off my resume to three places while Cameron was babysat by Happy Feet. He’s napping now. And I’m scanning jobs.

I wouldn’t mind being a Scientific/Medical writer. Maybe. But the intro position pay I can’t live on, and I don’t have experience in five different acronym fields … I don’t even know what half the acronyms stand for.

All the biotech companies want biotech experience. Only intro positions say biotech/academic experience. And I can’t live on what they pay for the most part.

Crap. Crappity crap crap crap.


One response to “I Didn’t Get the Job

  1. Try being a recent Ph.D grad like me. I’m having A LOT of difficulty find a job fresh out of grad school 😦

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