Confession Time

So it’s time for taking stock … or rather, a wee confession.

Remember that thing I was doing? That thing where I cleaned all the dishes before bed? Yeah. Total fail in that department. It’s been days. And it’s so not gonna happen again tonight, but at least it’s just a pile of dishes soaking in the basin in the sink. When Joanne and I made plans for today I figured there was a slim chance she’d be coming in briefly. I was horrified and scurried about trying to get the place at least surface-clean, so it looked like maybe I’d not forgotten where I’d stashed the broom.

Oh well. There are bigger things in life than cleaning dishes every night before bed. But I did enjoy waking up to a clean kitchen every morning. So maybe I’ll get back into it.

So, onward. Exercise. HA! Really not happening. I did get some walking in today with Joanne, but not exactly at a brisk pace. They say you should be able to maintain a conversation while exercising, right? But it was a fun afternoon with Joanne, Grace, and Beth. I got my itty-bitty-baby-sweetness dose from holding Beth. So very sweet!

Getting to bed at a decent hour. That depends on your definition of decent.

So I’m sleep deprived, out of shape, and I sometimes have to do dishes in the morning so Cameron and I can eat breakfast.


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