A Letter P Day

The letter P headlined today. Thankfully, the letter P light hasn’t made a scary reappearance since that night. He mentioned it a couple of times, but just in passing, matter-of-fact that the letter P light was on. I still don’t know what he means. So that’s not what today was all P-y about. I have asked him about the letter P light, trying to figure out what he means, and he answers, “Bah-do-do-do.” This is his multipurpose word that serves for “I don’t know the right word for it,” “I’m making this up, Mommy,” and “STOP ASKING ME.”

While I was finishing eating lunch, Cameron was playing with the fridge magnets. We’ve got the whole alphabet minus the chokeable ones, which I suppose I can bring out now. He insistently reached for my hand, and pulled it down so he could give me something. The purple letter S was pressed into my hand. “Letter P says Puh,” he said solemnly. I didn’t tell him it was S, nor that S says sssss. Close enough. He knows that P says Puh, he knows that P is a letter and those magnets are letters.

We had no potty training poop success today, but did have success with the other P word. Pee. That’s right! Pee made it in the potty tonight! After naptime Cameron had a major case of gas, we’re talking chase us out of the house gas. Mom is probably right. The huge bowlful of broccoli he ate last night is probably the culprit. But it meant that I was asking him if he had to poop every five minutes. One response I got was, “No, only tooting Mommy. No poop. Poop. Puh. Letter P says Puh! Poop. Puh. Poop – puh – poop.” Now there’s a P word Starfall.com doesn’t have on their ABC section!


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