With a Little Help from Curious George

Why is Cameron running around with a Curious George bandaid on his underpants?


I bought the bandaids when he had a couple scrapes and cuts on his hands, figuring if they’ve got Curious George on them they might just stay on. It worked. He was so happy every time he saw the monkey! But bathtime became a problem. He’d hold his band-aided hand up and get frustrated because he could only play with one hand. I never told him to keep his hand out of the water, he just didn’t want Curious George to get wet. “Keep Cu-i-uo George dry,” he explained.

A lightbulb lit above my head. Yes, I’m a Green Mommy, it was a compact fluorescent one. Okay?

Next time I put him in big boy underwear (aka extra thick training pants) I showed him a bandaid, and called it a sticker. He likes stickers. We stuck it right there.

It’s surely partly just chance, but George has stayed dry. When Cameron woke up soaked right through his pull-ups one morning, he was distraught, George was wet! I explained that no, he was wearing pull-ups, see, here’s Curious George right here on his undies, dry. Let’s put them on, keep him dry!

This morning I heard him in the WC while I was getting dressed. “Cameron pee on potty?” I think I transported myself right there, I moved so fast. Got him on the potty, and tah-dah! He peed! Okay, it took a few minutes, but the monkey stayed dry. And then before nap time today he wanted to sit on the toilet like Alejandro had done. Woo-hoo, pee in the toilet!


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