Early Career Sign?

He was determined. “Bandaid on knee!”

But I was talking on the phone, and really his knee barely got scraped over an hour before this. So I explained that his knee boo-boo is just a wee little boo-boo, no need for a band-aid.

Cameron insistently waved the box of Curious George band-aids around. Still, I shook my head.

So what else could he do? Go figure, he got out a pair of band-aids. They come like that, stuck together. He picked the one he wanted, and tried again to get me to do it, and I didn’t. It took a little while, but he managed to peel back the wrapper and get the thing out. He had clearly watched me closely, as he carefully got the backing off the sticky parts. Getting it unstuck from his fingers and stuck to his knee proved challenging, but with a little bit of work he got it on.

My 2 1/4 year old got a bandaid not only on the scraped knee, but also on the scrape, and oriented so that Curious George was right side up.

He is clearly a genius, destined for medical greatness.


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