It’s another of those mornings. It started off okay, Cameron even slept in a little! And he sat on the potty first thing to poop. Which reminds me, I need to find something else to post about, this is becoming a potty training blog. What can I say, it’s what’s on my mind.

But I need a morning OFF. OFF OFF OFF OFF. I want to lounge in bed and doze off and on, get tea and go back to bed to read at 10, read until noon. I miss that.

Editing later to add:

Quite soon after posting I gave myself a time out. I needed it. Cameron immediately started finding ways to convince me to come out of my dark room. He wanted his blanket, that worked for a minute while I got it, gave it to him, and went to grump on the chair again. Then a few halfhearted requests for reading and playing, before, “Heeyyyy! Go pee on potty! Heeyyyy!” Yup, he went to the WC, didn’t have to drop his drawers as he was already bare-bummed, and proceeded to do just that. Now I know he has the control to be trained for sure!

We had a lovely afternoon when we did get outside. Jimson was there with his daughter and her friend, and Cameron just loved tagging along with the older girls. So I got a good amount of adult conversation time! Exactly what I needed.


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