An Assortment of Stuff Tonight

Maite and Phillip took Cameron to the aquarium with Samuel this morning! Pure heaven. Three hours to myself. Great timing given that Cameron woke up super duper early this morning, wide awake and terrified by a nightmare. He came back talking about the dolphins and belugas, even singing snippets of the Baby Beluga song.

Apparently my follow-through potential is high in Cameron’s evaluation. At least enough that a Big Scary Threat was taken seriously. “If you don’t settle down and sleep you’re going to nap in your own bed,” didn’t work. But “If you don’t nap I’ll call Heidi and tell her Aly can’t come play. You’ll be too tired.” TA-DAH, one sleeping boy. And one napping Mommy. I think I needed it as much as he did.

I got my kitchen clean again. Phew.

Playing in the backyard today was great fun. Heidi brought Alejandro over, Samuel came over the fence (literally, handed over the fence by Phillip so he could get some yardwork done), and we all jumped on the trampoline and ran around. I am really concerned about Aly and bullying. So is Heidi, but she lacks right now the sleep to do anything really I think. Followthrough isn’t her strong point, but then, who can claim that as a strong point when they’ve not had a single solid night’s sleep in two and a half years? I have a hard time with it, and I get full nights. She’s still nursing him several times in the night. That’s gotta suck. But she’s also run ragged by J’s (her soon-to-be-exH) court stuff. I know that she’s got to get to a point where she herself has had enough and is ready to do something but in the meantime … she’s having a harder time than she needs to. And her son is a tackling toy grabbing bully who doesn’t get that no means no. Maybe I’m not being fair – Cameron sure has his times where he WANTS and no just doesn’t register.

Lastly, I’m feeling incredibly ambivalent about daycare. On the one side of things, I’m going nuts in toddlertown and not getting jack shit done with job hunting. On the other, I kinda like most of our daytime routines and feel like I’ll be missing out on so much if I don’t have him with me, and we’ve been working on potty training but not to the point where I’d send him in just undies (by far). I’d lost track of dates, tomorrow is the first weekday in June, and he’s got a full time spot with Lori. I hate hate hate the idea of going back to Cameron pooping in his pants, but really, with a room full of toddlers is Lori or Digna really going to drop everything to dash him to the potty when he grunts? No. So PTing is gonna go down the toilet. Okay okay, I’m kinda awfulizing. I need to talk with Lori, see if she’ll take him just part time. If she’s stretching herself to the limit taking him, then maybe it’ll be a relief to her. If she can take him just three days a week, that would be ideal I think.


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