The Problem with Smarties

I have had a glimpse of the error in my ways. I’m very afraid I’m going to get a full view tonight.

“Cameron go pee on potty!” Yup, this was fifteen minutes after he’d gone to bed. I figured what the hey, got him up, out of his snuggie, out of his PJs, out of his diaper, and on the potty. He wanted to look at his truck book as usual. Okay. Whups. Nope. He got all excited and wanted to talk about the trucks, then wanted the Little Bear story. Crap. No pee, he just wanted stories. Delay tactic! He stood up finally and declared, “Smarties!” To which I replied that no, Smarties are for when he pees on the potty. I got him dressed and back into bed, back to sleep.

It really sounded like he was going to sleep. But then after another 15 minutes …

“Cameron pee on potty! Mommy, have to pee! Pee on potty, not in pull-ups! Moooommmyyyyy!” He sounded so tired, was draped over the crib rail, not sounding happy. This time I kept the lights off. He sat on the potty in the dark, lit only by the city light coming through the WC window. He reached for a book, and I firmly said, “No. It’s time to pee, not to read.” He surprised the living daylights out of me. Tinkle-tinkle-tinkle. His expression was one of pure joy. Because he’d done it? Because he’d requested a pee on the potty and I”d gotten him there? Because he hadn’t wet his pants? NO. “SMARTIES!”

Crap. So now my little boy is wide awake because he’s been up to pee, washed his hands, had smarties – chocolate after bedtime of all things – and had his teeth brushed.

Okay, maybe some of the joy had to do with peeing on the potty. When he was wiggle-dancing with a mouthful of candy covered chocolate yumminess he wasn’t singing about Smarties. He was saying, “Pee on potty! Pee on potty!”

All the same when the sugar and caffeine loaded anti-sleep treats are gone, we’re switching to stickers. He’ll get one for his hand, and one for a pride chart in the WC.

Editing to update in the morning … not a fun night. Midnight, “Waaaater!” 2am “Mommeeeee!” 5:15 am and four more times in the next hour, “Mommmmeeeee!” Bus on the way to daycare, “Sleeepy, Mommy, I sleeeeeeeeepy!” Go figure. No more post-bedtime chocolate. He needs to go pee? He’ll be gently warned ahead of time, stickers for peeing, we’re out of Smarties. Which reminds me, I need to go on a sticker hunt.


2 responses to “The Problem with Smarties

  1. Oh boy. I’m glad I read this post! I’ve been using stickers from the get go with Gabriella and she’s been doing so well, that I was thinking of adding candy to the mix. I think I may have just put a lid on that idea! Gotta love these toddlers.

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