Operation Anti-Funk

I’m still feeling in a blue funk. So it’s time to get out of it. Time to get active about being happy. I know myself – this is a combination of three things. First, hormones. Stupid annoying hormones. Second, I’m at home, alone. Third, I’ve been doing some serious procrastination, so there’s that underlying buzz of stress about finding a job that can be a self-feeding cycle of misery if I let it.

Problems two and three are easy to solve. I need to get out of the house with my computer, get to a coffee shop, and get busy on sending out my cover letter and resume.

Problem one is also easy, time will take care of it. But before my funk sets the scene for the next few weeks (once you’re in a rut it’s hard to get out), it’s time to do something about it. So I played with Cameron this morning, even though it made us a little late. I made a pointed effort to make eye contact with people on the way, to smile, and to take notice of other people smiling. Superficial? Maybe. But it’s part of my happiness training. Train yourself to see smiles and friendly faces, and you’ll see them far more frequently. Sort of like when you’re pregnant, suddenly you see pregnant women everywhere. Well, when you become aware of something, it’s easier to recognize it.

Progress report: I played with the kitty, ‘nested’ in my bed for a bit, put away some laundry … and yes, applied for a job I’d been procrastinating about. It wasn’t that I don’t want that position, it was that I was worried it might close doors I don’t want closed yet in terms of career path. But … it wouldn’t. And might just open others. Besides, if I only apply to the “Perfect Job” I’ll be out of practice in resume/cover letter writing, and even worse at interviews. And I would be waiting forever, because lately I don’t know what that perfect job is. If this position is the right one, I’ll know it, and they’ll know it. If it isn’t, same goes. Now, lunch, then tackle another happiness training task: contact friends I’ve been turtling from. And thanks everyone for the comments on happiness training!


One response to “Operation Anti-Funk

  1. oversharing is what a blog is for. Happiness training is an excellent idea as well. Its so hard to lose yourself in parenting, especially when its done on your own. Of course you have passion but finding time for stroking that passion is hard when you are exhausted from being a single mom. I feel like I’ve lost a part of myself, and being a student is the only think that keeps me sane. Crossing my fingers that you’ll find a job like that soon.

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