A Fall and a Fever

My Mommy-instincts are making me a little worried, though no one thing is really concerning on its own.

Cameron fell this morning, off the ottoman. He fell bum-first, kind of like he sat down into thin air. I caught his head just before it smacked into the leg of my desk chair, but the back of his rear landed on the ground, hard. Worse, his lower back landed on a Thomas train car, hard. Oh, my, he cried! He’s got a scrape from it, but it wasn’t bleeding, and he was walking and behaving fine, he just said his back hurts.

Daycare called around noon to ask for the okay to give him Tylenol. Apparently his back was hurting him, and he kept going to the door asking to go home! But the Tylenol helped, he had a good nap, and was in much better spirits. Yes, he wanted to go home when I arrived, yes he said his back hurts, but he didn’t seem distressed.

We had a grand evening, playing with his construction trucks, skyping with Granna and Grandpa Bill, he peed in the potty twice, and I read him story after story in the tub. No signs of any trouble.

But … in the tub, he crouched, he didn’t sit, with his hands on his tummy. No, he said his tummy didn’t hurt, “only back hurt.” He did NOT look comfortable at all. There was one point where I wasn’t sure how he was doing, a bit glassy eyed and flushed – made me check the water temperature again, but it wasn’t hot! Okay, I thought. Got him out of the tub, he was a little listless and uncooperative, and immediately started shivering from head to toe. He was HOT, yet complained he was cold. As I got him into his PJs his teeth were chattering, and he complained that his back was sore. He was still roasting hot to the touch, so I took his temperature to see how hot, just a mild fever. I called the nurse’s help line – this was just a little too coincidental for me. But immediately, he stopped acting sick. He wanted to play, play, play! And eat. So I explained to the lovely nurse that I needed reassurance, and that he wasn’t behaving sick at this time at all. He was rrrrr-rrrrr-rrrrring, enacting some bizarre construction scene with his excavator, dump truck and front loader where the wow toy people were the rocks and dirt. Happy and loud! The nurse gave me some specific tests to do – hands squeeze with equal strength, bottom of feet ticklish, reaches for things accurately with both hands, that sort of thing. Oh, and the first thing she thought of was that perhaps his kidney had taken a blow, but the scrape is right at the pelvic girdle bone (can’t recall offhand which one it is, been way too long). Too low for kidney.

He’s fine. It’s a coincidence. Has to be. At any rate, she and I agreed that he’s fine to go to bed, but to be ready for him to possibly wake in the middle of the night either confused or inconsolable. I’m telling myself he’s fine. And writing here to confirm that in my mind! But it’s just the coincidence – sore back from a fall and a fever – it’s a little too much for me to totally write off.


One response to “A Fall and a Fever

  1. Go with your gut. I am pretty sure its all OK and it is a coincidence but it is always better to be safe than sorry. If you can make it to a doctor I would. I once made mr.sm wake up at 2am to drive 2 hours from the ski mountain into the kelowna emergency b/c the monkey’s fever was not going down after 2 days of fluids and advil. I had a gut feeling that it was just a virus, but I coudn’t shake the what if I am wrong? feeling. It was just a fever but I felt better knowing that. Fingers crossed that cameron is all good

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