Happy Thoughts

It’s the end of a long, long day. For some stupid reason I didn’t go to sleep when Cameron did, but what the heck, I watched a whole lot of Grey’s Anatomy. Nothing major went wrong today – I just wasn’t in a great mood and was tired. Downstairs neighbours threw a party. They’re great, I’m truly blessed in the neighbours I have, and I have no cause to complain, but it did mean I didn’t get a lot of sleep. I think the return of Cameron to daycare made me put a lot of pressure on the weekend to be perfect quality time with mommy, and I kinda fell short on that. But I don’t wish to dwell on it. So instead, it’s time for some of the good old happiness pushups.

I had a fantastic night out with my best friend, Chris, last night. We went to Earl’s, had steak dinner and mojitos, just relaxed.

It might’ve been cold and rainy, but the air smelled fresh.

I bought Cameron a couple inexpensive construction truck toys for playing in the sand. He loves them. I don’t want to encourage too much materialism, but holy crow, the expression on his face was wonderful when he realized the yes indeed we were leaving the store with them. He didn’t want to give the excavator to the lady at the checkout, and held it tight to his chest. She just scanned in the dump truck twice. He often tries to ‘choose’ things to buy at the grocery store, and I insist that they go back. Then we went to get fish. Not the eating-for-supper kind, but two mollies to go in the fish tank. Cameron picked them, and carried them. That’s right, my baby has his first pets! Lastly, we met a gentleman walking his 13 week old Golden pup. I’m not sure who was wriggling and dancing and jumping more – Cameron or Spencer!

Oh – and for some reason though it’s only midnight (7 hours into ‘today’ according to WordPress), according to my blog stats I’ve had more ‘hits’ today than ever before. Not sure what’s going on, but hey, I’m so not complaining. Hi!

There. Good way to end the day. G’night.


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