Blurred Boundaries

I was busy flossing my teeth. It’s how I make it clear to Cameron that oral hygiene is important; I brush and floss while he’s in the tub. It’s also the only way I remember to do the floss part.

Cameron was, as usual, sitting in a bathtub full of warm water and piles of bubbles. “Hey, a tunnel,” he exclaimed. Sometimes the bubbles do that, they pop pop pop and leave a tunnel or cavern. “Choo choo train coming out! Coming out! Coming out! Chooo! Chooo!” Quite an imagination, I thought.

I had no idea what was coming.

“Choo … whooo …. Ooouuuuttt…. Going to hit Cameron, going to … hit … Cameron … MOMEEEEEEE! HIT CAMERON! TRAIN GOING TO HIT CAMERON! OUUT! OUT! OUT!” I could hear the exact moment this went from fun to not fun. He was half out of the tub by the time I turned around and I swear he lept into my arms.

Time for some discussions about real vs imagined. Though at least if he thinks a train hitting him might not be a good thing, he may just be able to comprehend why staying off the road is a good idea.


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