He was in bed before nine.

It’s now ten.

Between then and now:

“Curious George bandaid on booboo!” His several-days old fingernail tear that’s healing fine. But I caved and gave him one.

That wasn’t enough. He SCREAAMED about wanting one on his other booboo. The two week old scrape that’s barely visible. And he called it a sticker. NO.

Got that momentarily stopped with cuddles, talking about shadows, then back into bed.

SCREAAAMMM! Back to wanting stickers.

Got him to stop that by getting his attention, and explaining very clearly that I had said no and was not going to change my mind because he was screaming.

“HUNGRY,” he demanded. “Yogurt.” We’d finished off the yogurt, he’d helped me scrape the container empty earlier. I offered oatmeal, but only if he stopped screaming. I’ll admit, I banged and thumped stuff around a wee bit too forcefully in the kictchen while I made oatmeal. Meanwhile, he’s yelling from his crib that he stopped crying.

Okay, oatmeal eaten. I didn’t brush his teeth, but did get him to drink water.

Did he settle? Yeah, for a bit. Another call for a sticker, but he gave up right away. Asked for yogurt but ceased when I reminded him we had no yogurt.

Then, the one I knew was coming. What goes in must come out. “Peee! Mooommmy I have to peeee!” He cried, saying he’d peed in his pants, but he hadn’t. Got him on the potty, in the dark, in time.

Back into bed. “Yogurt!” “No.” “Oatmeal!” “No, you just had some.” He snuggled down in the bed. Honestly, I’m not starving him, he ate a huge supper, plus yogurt, and now a bowlful of oatmeal.

And now? He’s talking to his bandaid, now and then asking for another. The good news is that his discussion is punctuated by yawns.

Update: More oatmeal. Milk. Trains scary. GO TO EFFING SLEEP ALREADY! NO, I didn’t say that but I sure want to scream it.


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