When in Rome

I’d been going with the idea that using logic with a two year old just doesn’t work. I keep trying, and when I fail, I remind myself, “He’s two. Logic means nothing to him.”

Mom had a different take on it. “Join in the fantasy.”

This was over his sudden fear of trains. Especially trains coming out of bubble tunnels in his bath, and the possibility of a train hitting him in his crib. I’d tried logic: no train tracks, no train. Duh. As Mom pointed out, he saw a tunnel, with train tracks, in the bubble bath. If he imagines tracks in his bedroom, there ‘are’ tracks in his bedroom. And therefor there is a train that will hit him. See? There’s logic there. It’s just fantasy logic. I tried telling him that the closest trains were the Skytrain, and he knows how far away they are. The can’t come here. Except … there ‘was’ a train in his tub. So Mom’s advice was to reason with him within the structure of the fantasy-gone-wrong.

So when the fantasy clearly was invading Cameron’s reality tonight, I took her advice. “Oh, no, Cameron. This is a bedroom, it’s for sleeping in. Quiet, not noisy. Trains are far too noisy for the bedroom. No trains allowed. Mommy says so. And I’ll tell the dragon to keep trains out.” As I made a show of doing this, Cameron said, “Dragon keeps Cameron safe. Keep me safe.”

We’ve had a little of the up-and-downing of last night. But not as much. I told him he had one okay reason to call me back into his room: to go pee. He immediately asked to sit on the potty. Peeing is done, so I said no more. Go to sleep. It’s not yet ten, and knock on wood, he’s asleep.

Dammit. Jinxed myself. “Blanket ooooonnnn. Blanket on!” But he’s almost asleep. His blanket was on, so I assume he’s cold (it’s nasty-cold here), so I put another one on him. Let’s see how this does!


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