It Had to Come Sometime Soon …

Well, okay, it didn’t have to but I felt it was getting close to time.

Tonight was Cameron’s third night of being a Very Big Boy. He went to bed for the third night in a row without nursing. No boobie.

It hasn’t been at all like cutting out the naptime boobie; that involved him screaming, writhing, sobbing, and begging. I don’t think I would’ve had the strength to do it yet if he did that! Because the truth is, I miss it. I wasn’t quite ready to actually stop. But he clearly was!

The first night it was just a case of going with the flow. For some reason he asked me to light a candle just as we were settling down for bedtime boobie – I think he was reminded of candles at Samuel’s birthday party and saw the one on the TV. Okay, I figured, why not. I lit it, and he wanted up to have a good look. To convince him to be okay with leaving the candle alone and getting on with the routine, I asked him to say night night to the candle. He did, but he didn’t stop there! He launched straight into the ‘night night city, night night trees …” routine. I went with it. I put him to bed, fully expecting him to realize what just happened and wail. He went to sleep without protest.

The second night I figured I’d try the same thing, but if he wasn’t ready, that was okay, we would do this gradually. He did ask for boobie, and I gently suggested that he was fine the night before without it. “Cuddle on boobie chair?” Yes, that we could and did do. Then, time to say night night! No fuss.

Tonight, no mention of boobie. At all. Though he does still call the comfy chair the boobie chair.

I have to say I’m sad. In many ways I was ready, and had started to talk with Cameron about how some day soon he would be a Very Big Boy and wouldn’t get boobie anymore. I’d dreaded the night I decided would be the last, and I suppose that this way I saved myself that emotionfest. But I still wish I’d appreciated that last time, maybe let him drift off to sleep nursing one last time. I’d almost hoped he’d fuss and want to nurse last night, but I do know this way is easier. It’s about his needs, his growing up, not me clinging to his babyhood!

I’m going to give it a couple more nights, then move story time into the boobie comfy chair, have a goodnight cuddle there instead of nursing – and rechristen the chair to something more socially acceptable to be heard coming out of a child’s mouth!


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