The Interview

The interview didn’t go too badly. I got distracted and flustered on a couple of questions – describe my management style (what?) and why do I want to work for them. Oh well, two things to work on for future interviews. Because I’ll fall over dead from shock if they choose me!

It’s a very very large state-of-the-art research center, with roughly I think they said 175 people. The position is the lab manager / administrator for the whole thing – not each lab per se, but the facility. So basically what I’ve been doing (purchasing, equipment maintenance and contracts, training others in protocols/equipment, health and safety) but on a MUCH larger scale. That’s where I think I lost points bigtime … I’m small time.

All the same, you never know. We’ll see. I should know soon – they said Friday at the earliest, but at least next week.


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