A Great Day!

Because so often my posts are full of frustration or grumps, I need to write about today.

Today was a GOOD day!

I had promised Cameron, stay dry a full day and we’ll go to the aquarium. He’d suck in his breath in a “Oooooh,” and look appropriately excited. Well, yesterday he did it. All of that stuff happened where that stuff should.

So this morning, off to the aquarium we went! But the whole trip was special, not just the destination. We stopped at the fire hall, and had a chance to see the flag – “Canada Flag! Has maple leaf on it!” – going up, and wave to the crew as they returned from a call. Then the coffee shop, Joe’s, for my decaf latte (okay, I cheated, one shot had the good stuff in it, hang the ulcer) and, for a treat a steamed milk for Cameron. Plus the usual almond croissant yummy goodness. The guys at Joe’s have offered to start a daycare there to look after Cameron, also known as teach him how to make espresso and take people’s money. I suggested they wait a few more years, he’s still likely to rip money into little pieces and cover himself with the stamps meant for coffee point cards. We could’ve just taken one bus all the way to the aquarium, but what’s the fun in that? While Cameron still seems afraid of trains invading the peace of his bedroom, he is still thrilled about the Skytrain. So we took the Skytrain part of the way! He was so thrilled, riding in the ergo he was making it hard for me to walk he was kicking and bouncing so hard! Once downtown we hunted for Canada Flags as we walked to the bus stop for the final leg of the trip, and brought lots of smiles to people’s faces as he found a HUGE one hanging in an office tower.

Once we got to the aquarium, first thing to see was the baby beluga. She’s just ten days old, and unlike the song, she is NOT a little white whale on the go. People, please adjust the lyrics. Baby belugas are grey. It takes several years for them to mature to their white colour. She wasn’t very active, but was swimming around the surface kinda casually, now and then getting nosed by her mommy. And thanks to the interpreters, I now understand why we see the belugas swimming upside down so often in their exhibit! Their eyes are positioned to look down. If they want to look up, they have to swim belly-up. So the mommy beluga (Qila) was swimming belly up lots, keeping a close eye on her wee one.

The rest of the visit we spent heading all over the place – sea lions, sea otters, the Bi-i-i-g fish exhibit (fish of the Pacific Northwest, it’s a huge tank the size of the house I live in just about), the sharks, the monkeys, the bats, the dolphins. Oh, and Cameron was positively tickled by the butterflies in the rainforest exhibit, and mimicked the older kids who were holding out their fingers for butterflies to land on.

We then headed for daycare, and he happily transitioned to playing there. Off I went!

Home … to a message on my voicemail. That’s right! THEY WANT ME BACK FOR ANOTHER INTERVIEW!!! Very cool. This is with the director, and I figure with how tight the managing director made the schedule sound, there’s me and maybe one or two other candidates at this point. Even if I don’t get the position, here’s the neat thing. I didn’t think I was what they’re looking for, in that I don’t have managing experience, it’s a much larger scope than what I’m used to, and I’ve got a more research-oriented history. But this says to me that I do have what they’re looking for, or else they wouldn’t be interested in having me come back. Very cool. I also know that I’m not messing up on interviews, as I’ve now twice been interviewed, and twice been in the final choice.

Also, a teleconference with the ladies from 42 Rules for Working Moms. Something fun and exciting is in the works, but I can’t say more than that yet!

Off to pick up Cameron, and a fun trip home with him. Okay, one not so fun moment. He was an arm’s length away from me and the bus was coming, I asked him to come … and he ran … towards the street! I grabbed him around a foot from the curb. Scooped him up and carried him onto the bus, as he howled. I had scared him. Yeeesh! He’d scared me! You can bet I held him tight the rest of the way home.

Back to the fire hall. We watched a firefighter scrub out the Hazmat truck after a meth lab cleanup call, and watched the engine come back after a fire call. Busy!

Then home. Play in the backyard on the trampoline while supper (vegetable lasagna, Cameron’s favourite) cooked in the microwave. He’s got a new game. “Lie down zebra! Lie down Zebra!” Apparently I’m the zebra. I’m supposed to lie down, and he “rolls” me with my assistance to one side of the trampoline. He then bounces around triumphantly … out of the way … and I roll quickquickquick to the other side! Repeat. Repeat. And then do it again!

There. That was my day. I’m wiped! Cameron’s finally down, I think he was way overtired. Here’s hoping he recovers by sleeping in tomorrow!


2 responses to “A Great Day!

  1. a small moment when I wish I wasn’t working so that I could have come with you. That sounds like so much fun. And WAY TO GO!

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