A Valuable Tip (aka mommy rant)


When you see a little tyke throwing a temper tantrum, screaming his head off so loudly that the entire grocery store knows there’s an upset toddler around, and his mother very firmly telling him “You may not have X,” do NOT start clucking your tongue. Do NOT encourage the child to reach whatever forbidden item it is. And most certainly do not cheer or praise the child in any way when the child does grab hold of the item. Other moms may not be inclined to ignore you.

Me, I wanted to gouge out her eyes (my oh my violent tendancies) with the toy excavator Cameron managed to fish out of the carry basket of his stroller. It was sequestered there after he flung it with impressive force in a tantrum. But I didn’t. I merely firmly removed the toy from Cameron’s grasp, and said loudly enough that she could hear me, “NO, you may not throw your toys.”

He screamed the entire way home, and threw his Canada flag on the ground too. It was placed out of sight, too, and he’s been told that next time we’ll just leave whatever he throws. Just watch – he’ll throw Bunny or something expensive instead of a two-buck toy and I’ll be forced to go back on my word.


One response to “A Valuable Tip (aka mommy rant)

  1. If I did that when I was little, my dady would’ve whacked me hard on the bum, while everyone cheered him on. Now adays you can’t say no to a tantrum throwing toddler without someone giving you the eye…the pendulum has swung to far to the other side.

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