The Lost Has Been Found

Hoooray! I forgot to mention one other good thing that happened on my Friday of Wonderous Goodness. I found my camera. It had been lost for I-dont-know-how-long. I’d turned my apartment upside down and inside out looking for the thing. I’d started checking out new cameras but hadn’t yet managed to convince myself that it was a necessity not a luxury… and buying a relatively cheap point and shoot digital when what I really want is something more fancy didn’t quite sit right with me. But I couldn’t justify buying a SLR digital.


I apparently missed a spot in my search. A shoe. It had somehow found a nice warm burrow in the toe of a shoe, one I rarely wear but do wear often enough that it’s in the basket in the hall.

So keep an eye on the happy day post, there’ll be pictures added really soon. Tonight maybe. Not now, Cameron just woke from his nap.


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