Yummy Supper

Okay, I just have to share this. Supper tonight fell into the ohmygodsYUM category. It’s what I could remember from half-listening to Rachael Ray on Friday. I eyeballed and guessed quantities, so forgive the imprecision here, k? Oh, and this looks like it takes way longer than it does. Maybe fifteen minutes hands-on. It also looks like it uses a whole lot of pots. It does. But so worth it.

Lemon Chicken with Thyme-Lemon Gravy served with Ricotta Mashed Potatoes and Grilled Vegetables

The chicken:

However much chicken you need for your family, cut into small portions

One onion (or more if you like), chopped roughly into one inch cubes

(RR included some sort of olives, I didn’t)

Chunkily-cut lemon

A sprinkle of thyme

Drizzle olive oil over the whole thing

Work with hands to get everything coated in olive oil. Roast at 400F until done (35-ish minutes)


Melt in a hot pan a tbsp or so of butter with an equal amount of flour, cook a couple minutes

Add chicken stock

Add pepper

Add a palm-full of thyme leaves, chopped

Simmer until thick enough for you. Add a generous squirt of fresh lemon juice.


Enough potatoes for your family, peeled if you like. Quarter potatoes, cover with cold water, boil until fork-tender. Duh. You’re making mashed potatoes.

Add a good scoopful of ricotta cheese. How much? I don’t know, enough to make it cheesy. Add a generous palmfull of parmesan cheese. Also, throw in enough chicken stock to make the mash moist enough for you.


Put whatever veggies you like on a pan. Drizzle with olive oil. Put in oven alongside the chicken once chicken is around half done. Alternatively, zap in microwave five minutes before done.


One response to “Yummy Supper

  1. Thanks for the recipe… this sounds awesome!

    Am I the only one that was thankful you wrote out how to cook for mashed potatoes?!? LOL I’m so not a real cook.


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