Slightly Freaking Out

Yikes. Okay, big interview today. Half an hour that could mean a big change in a week or so … or could just be a half hour to chalk up to experience. We’ll see. I think I’m prepared. I’m going with what has worked so far for me. Know about the research group a bit, know about the person who is interviewing me, think about the questions he’s likely to ask. The Qs I think I ‘messed up’ on or at least wasn’t in my opinion stellar (especially management style questions) I’ve spent more time pondering on.

What is my management style? Adaptable. Primarily I work by collaboration and encouraging compromise in situations of conflict, but when the situation merits it I step up and take on a more authoritative position.

I’ve also emailed my references to give them a heads-up about who may be contacting them. Michael emailed me back right away, he’s out of town! Darnit. So I’ve emailed Sally … only thing is now I’m embarrassed. I cut-and-pasted from Michael’s email, changed my mind, wrote mostly the same stuff to her, but twit that I can be I forgot to erase the original! ARGH. Oh well. So I cut and paste. At least I didn’t do that to the people interviewing me. Nice attention to detail, eh?

And in fretting over this interview I totally forgot, my “Mama Renew” second meeting is tonight. Do I have a sitter arranged? Of course not. Here’s hoping one of the downstairs neighbours doesn’t mind last-minute sitting.


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