Dear Cameron,

I’m sorry I was such a crab tonight. I know you were tantruming because you were tired, and I know you’re having trouble getting to sleep because you’re tired. You needed me to get you in bed earlier.

Cameron sweetheart, when you tantrum it takes ten times longer to get you into bed. When you insist on playing instead of eating it takes longer to get you to bed. So you’re behaving in a very counterproductive manner, don’t you think?

I wasn’t helping the general atmosphere in the apartment with my own tired-and-cranky mood. I did have a good day, but I’m very tired. When I’m tired I can’t deal with your screams and tantrums and demands quite so well and react childishly myself.

I don’t want our evenings to go like this. We’ve gotten into some bad habits, and it’s time to just stop. It’s going to be rough on both of us. The DVD you choose is the one we will watch. No switching. Because screams that you want to watch Cars two minutes into Happy Feet followed by screams to watch Curious George two minutes after that is pushing the limits of my sanity. I will take five minutes to check my email, I will talk with Granna on the phone. Screams will not prevent this. Screams, in fact, will not get you what you want period.

Sadly, you’re too young and too tired to understand any of this, and so you scream. Which doesn’t get you what you want.

I love you. Remember that one thing if you forget everything else in this letter. I love you.

Now go to sleep already!



One response to “Dear Cameron,

  1. I love this! I need to start writing letters to Allie: “Dear Allie, you were a crazy monster baby today, but I love you anyway. Love, Mommy”

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