First Weekend of Being Back at Work

Sometimes weekends can be high pressure to enjoy. You know, Cameron’s in daycare, I’m working, so we MUST enjoy the weekend at all costs. This sometimes means that the weekends are just plain awful – not that Cameron tantrums any worse than usual or things go particularly badly, just that there’s the comparison. It was supposed to be fantastic, but he’s doing this and I’m yelling and … generally unpleasant.

This weekend had big potential for that, as it was my first week back to work.

I’m happy to say that so far, it’s been a fantastic weekend!

Okay, last night Cameron took forever to get to sleep. It was up, down, up, down. Mommeeeee, yogurt! Mommeeee, milk! Mommeeee, have to peeee! But before that, lovely snuggle watching Cars.

Today was great. Picture-perfect sunshiney summer day with not a cloud in the sky. The mountains were that crisp darkness looming to the north, with a crust of white snow on the top. It was hot but not unpleasant. Cameron and I headed to JJs for coffee and I met another single mom – only she’s a foster mom to four kids! Wow. Then off to the pool. This had angst potential, and I figured we’d be lucky if Cameron got into the water, as it’s an outdoor pool, busy and noisy, and colder than he’s used to. Sure enough he morphed into a barnacle from the instant his toes got wet for around five minutes. Not even that. Then he was having fun! He’d even de-cling and just hold my hands, frantically kicking. I tossed him high up and caught him. He even tolerated a couple dunkings. A dad was there with his four year old son, who loved showing Cameron how to blow bubbles, duck under, and swim. Cameron even let the dad, Allen, toss him up, and we swoosh-pushed him back and forth between us a few times. That’s right, Cameron for a microsecond wasn’t holding onto anyone, and wasn’t freaking out!

About that dad, Allen. He’s a single dad. And I think I’m not imagining that he was flirting. I gave him my phone number when he asked as we were leaving, and we’ll see what happens. I’m not yet feeling ready to date, not really sure if I’m attracted to this guy or not, but what the hay.

Then Cameron and I went grocery shopping. He was so tired his eyes were closing in the pool, which meant bigtime tantrum potential. But I used the firehall. “I can’t take you to the fire hall if you’re crying, Cameron! But if you stop, then we can go…” A few minutes later, he announced, “Not crying mommy! Not crying! See? Watch me? Not crying!” So we stopped at the fire hall.

After a nap and supper, Heidi dropped Aly off. She’s been working hard with him on sharing and ‘gentle hands’, and it’s working well I’m happy to say. The boys for the most part played together very well they were in close quarters. Bath time!

Now, after a lovely snuggle and story time, and a pre-emptive bowl of yogurt and glass of milk, he’s in bed. Just one ‘up’ to go pee, and one call for “blanket oooooonnnn!”

Oh – and Cameron stayed dry for overnight and all day today! Woohoo!. Meltdown did come, but it was way late for Cameron and let’s face it. Sharing is stressful on a two year old, and


One response to “First Weekend of Being Back at Work

  1. Whoo hoo! Hook it up! Hey, maybe you’re ready to date, maybe you’re not, but how will you know for sure unless you get out there and try?

    I’m excited for you! Good luck!

    (Oh, and congrats on surviving your first week back at work!)

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