Shopaholic I am NOT

Okay all you shoppers, where on earth do you find the energy? How can you keep track of what you see where? How can you care?

I just spent a few hours today shopping. For very specific items. Pants that won’t be too sweltering. A couple nice shirts to go with them. Good gawds that took forever and was frustrating as hell. Oh, then shoes, but that wasn’t hard. Ecco. Comfy, stylish, even if they didn’t have the ones I wanted in the colour I wanted at least they were good enough and on sale.

I’m home and wiped right out. With one pair of pants that will do, and a couple shirts. I think I now have a casual-businessy wardrobe that’ll at least get me through the summer and probably the fall too.

Hmmm. Maybe I’m more tired than I think I should be because gee, I walked downtown and back again. In sweltering heat. Sure, sure, high 20s isn’t hot to the rest of the continent but it’s steamy icky gross hot for here. And then I did various housework tasks that I don’t like to do with Cameron around – cleaned the toilet, changed the kitty litter, got garbage and compost out. Speaking of garbage, watch here, I’ll do a post on that sometime soon. See that new badge thing over on the right column? Yeah, I’m joining in. You should too. Go there, check it out.

Now to get out the door and go get Cameron.


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