Canada Day

What a wonderful day!

It was sunny and hot, but with a cool breeze. Cameron waved his Canada flags around merrily as we went to get last-minute additions to lunch at the grocery store – limes for the water, a big container of fruit salad, and some veggies. We already had peanut butter sandwiches (cut into elephant shapes with a cookie cutter to make them fun), cheese, and a banana.

The party was great, exactly the ‘level’ needed for a kid Cameron’s age. Poolside, with lots of activity. Barbara from the music drop-in class was playing guitar, there were bouncy castles, lots of people but not too many. At 1pm they served cake – big hit with Cameron. I was smart, was watching the clock so we were in line and ready just as they started, we didn’t have to wait long for our turn to get a piece. Ran into Clive and his family – he’s a little boy who lives down the street, maybe a half-year older than Cameron. Wish I could remember his parents’ names, they’re good people and always friendly.

Finally, it was time to go home. We finished the lunch, and snuggle down for a long nap together.

After nap it was playtime in the back yard. We did laundry, bounced on the trampoline, chased each other around in the grass, watched a honeybee dart from flower to flower. Cameron really wanted to stamp on it – I think his daycare provider stomps on ants, and he’s gotten the idea from there, because I don’t think he’s ever seen me do it. Oh, and we drew with chalk on the walkway to the back yard. Poor Evan downstairs has bright pink, yellow, green, and orange critters on every step to his door.

Now there’s roughly ten minutes before the fireworks start downtown. We’ll not only hear them here, but probably feel them too. As of five minutes ago Cameron was still chatting to his stuffies in his crib … here’s hoping he’s fast asleep by the time the booming starts!

… nope. It’s ten past ten and he’s STILL AWAKE.


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