Let’s see … todays aren’t too hard.

I didn’t suck at work today. Even better, I think I’ll have made some good progress by the time the boss gets back. And I was right about the cold room – I got an emergency page last night about its alarm going off, it had warmed up. I was right about the temperature it should be, and that it wasn’t far enough off to worry, and that it would go right back down again. Same thing happened tonight, too. As Betty pointed out, I’ve been set up to fail miserably at this job – not saying it was deliberate or malicious. Just that the circumstances (one and a half days of ‘overlap’ between me and the person I’m replacing, no training on equipment I’m suddenly supposed to be an expert on, boss going away on holiday two days after I start, being given the emergency pager and being called about something I wasn’t warned about, no computer of my own) make being successful extraordinarily difficult. And yet I’m doing okay.

Lying in bed this morning, listening to the news. I was snuggled under the blankets, the fan was blowing cool air around the room. My bed-warm hands on my air cooled face.

Cameron’s face when I told him we were going to go on an airplane tomorrow. He just got brighter and brighter the more I told him. Taxi to daycare. Taxi to the airport. We’ll see airplanes and helicopters. We’ll get on an airplane and go … where do you think, Cameron? “NANA’s HOME!” He looked a little sad when he asked about Granna, and I told him that she won’t be there … but he recovered quickly when I told him Betty will be. “Go swimming?” he asked immediately.

That’s all I have time for tonight. I’ve mostly done packing, just need to assemble some stories and toys, then Cameron’s PJs, Blanket, Bunny and nightlight go in last thing. A load of laundry is done (and peefull clothes clean), and drying by the fan in my room. His car seat is back together and upside down to discourage Nimoo from peeing in it. Now I’ve got to wash some dishes and do some tidying.

And it’s ten minutes till midnight. Since we’re taking a cab to daycare (to get his carseat and luggage there, won’t have time to go home), we can leave a little bit later than normal.

Oh – one more happiness. Cameron peed on the toilet before his bath. Finally. Reluctantly. And he went to sleep pretty quickly after going in his crib, only called for me once and was half asleep already.


2 responses to “Happinesses

  1. I had no doubts that you would do a great job at your new place of employment!

    You guys have a great and safe trip!

    BTW, I changed the web address for my blog. It’s now: reachtothemoonandback.blogspot.com

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