Today’s Revelation

I need to get a housecleaner. Every other week would do it. The state I let my apartment get into is really quite distressing, and this would ensure that the basics get done. Not just what the housecleaner would do, but also what I would do so I wasn’t horribly embarrassed.

The trouble is, there are a few things I need to take care of before I can do this.
I need to …

Wash dishes. A day’s worth isn’t too bad. The current state is a bit more than that.
Put my clean clothes away
Honestly … I need to vacuum my bedroom. Because it’s the place Cameron spends the least amount of time and where nobody else ever goes, I’ve let it get pretty bad.
Spot-clean the carpets. Seriously. There are a few places that need it. A full-on professional cleaning can wait until Cameron is no longer having regular accidents.
Deal with the piles of paper. This is just a matter of sorting and putting them in the right places in my binders. Binders that have been waiting for over a year for me to do this.

Then the biggie. I need to decide if I can afford it.


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