Okay, now that I got that rant off my chest, it’s time to focus on the good stuff.

I do need to say, it was hard to leave Nana. She wasn’t so ‘there’ this visit, and we really didn’t talk much at all. When saying goodbye I just wanted to lean my face against hers a little longer, hear her voice a little longer, see her smile a little longer. I can’t help but worry that this was my last chance, that this was my last time being with her. Not worry for her, she’s lived a very long and full life and this is not the drawn-out end she would’ve wanted. But sadness for me. I’ll miss her so very much. I so selfishly want her to hold on, to always be there. And sadness that Cameron will never know the Nana I remember.

Okay. Enough.

Things that made me feel happy today!

We went to the beach!

Itty-bitty starfish hiding in kelp.

Watching Betty return a half-dead sculpin (I think that’s what it was) to the water for Cameron

Cameron wading in the sea water – cold, but fun! I do hope Betty can find a way to send me the pictures from her phone.

Seeing Nana’s face when Cameron gave her a kiss.

Betty made itty-bitty loonie sized pancakes for Cameron.

Yes, I’m listing a whole bunch today, I need to.

Holding Cameron’s hand as he hop-skipped excitedly all the way to the airplane!

The shock of the cold swimming pool water!

Cameron being brave enough to blow bubbles in the pool, and also to lie back a bit – almost into float position!

Cameron’s footprints in the wet sand at the beach, and on the sunwarmed concrete pool deck.

Cameron’s giggles and shrieks as we ran through the playground. He’d just learned a few new skills, could use a bit more of the play structure, and he was eager to mimic the older boy there who was playing tag with his mom.

I’ll sleep in my own bed tonight. Cameron is in his own bed. We’ll both get a better night sleep.

Cameron, right now. He’s cheek-to-cheek with Bunny, his hand is curled just next to his nightlight buddy. He’s totally relaxed and deeply asleep.


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