“I’m HAPPY!”

One of the first things that Cameron announced once he woke up. “I’m happy!” Made me laugh.

It’s not exactly a happiness, but the fact that I still don’t have my computer at work, or a phone line to my office, made me laugh. So did troubleshooting the cryostat, a piece of equipment I’ve never used and never before even worked in a lab that had one. Manuals are great things. Also laugh-generating was that the cold room yet again isn’t so cold. Simple fix. Call Maintenance. Tah-dah!

Cameron and I had a rough trip home from his daycare, so I made a point of playing with him for half an hour before starting supper. It meant that supper was late, but we had some quality time.

Dishes. A pile of them clean and drying in the rack. Getting them there wasn’t fun but it’s sure nice to look at.

Cameron was extra snuggly at story time. We read “Tooting Walter” (Walter the Farting Dog), Bat Story (Bats at the Beach), Bear Story (I love you, Mommy), and Sheep Story (Time for Bed). Even better, since he was snuggling, I started an imagination exercise with him. We started with me asking him to close his eyes and think of a river. By the end, we’d put baby zebras and giraffes and elephants to bed under the stars, the birds in the bushes were quiet, and he ‘heard’ the river bubbling away over the little colourful rocks. It was windy too. As I tucked him into bed he half-asleepily told me “Mommy, I can hear it. Can hear the river!”


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