What Mommy Blog is Comlete Without an ER Trip?

I finally found the thermometer. Cameron for sure had a fever, and a fairly high one, but it was high enough that I wanted numbers. And I got them – 39.9. He didn’t even fight having the probe under his armpit as he normally does, just lay there in his crib all glassy-eyed.

He’d woken up last night at 4 am roasting hot, and a dose of Motrin worked. Again at daycare, his fever spiked … Tylenol got it down a bit. But tonight motrin, plus more Tylenol, plus a cool bath, and his temperature didn’t budge. He was breathing quickly too, and teeth chattering with chills.

My downstairs neighbour is a saint. He had plans, but ditched them to drive us to the Children’s Hospital and hang out there while we waited to be seen.

Cameron’s temperature went down to 38.8 by the time the triage nurse saw him, and by the time he was seen by a doctor he was playing boisterously in the waiting room. It took roughly two and a half hours, total. Verdict? No sign of origin of infection, watch him, if he still has a fever on Friday take him to your family doctor.

Did we need to go to the ER? His symptoms did warrant immediate medical attention yes. But a walk-in clinic would’ve done. But there really aren’t a lot of those around, only one in walking distance and it was long closed by the time I realized how high Cameron’s fever was. There’s one a short drive away, but the ER is closer. There were other families there in similar situations. Another feverish child, a toddler who had choked on something but was fine now, a boy who had had a tummy ache for three weeks. All of us should’ve been at walk-ins, and in a way we were. It’s just a walk-in that’s not designed to operate as one and that happens to also receive the serious cases and of course prioritize them. I guess it doesn’t compromise the care of true emergency cases to have us walk-in-ables there waiting and looked after in the lulls. But two and a half hours wait? A total of maybe fifteen families came in, and we were seen before most, I think only a girl with something in her eye, and a lethargic infant were ‘bumped’ ahead of Cameron.

So why aren’t there late-night walk ins available? Surely there’s a ‘market’ for them. Is the problem not enough doctors? It’s hard, nearly impossible, to get on the list of a family physician. So they’re in high demand. What’s the incentive for a doctor to work at a walk-in, with zero continuity of care? Nil. Which means there’s no point in grousing about it, the ER is going to continue to be a walk-in stand-in.

Happinesses for today:

Big one is that Cameron’s fever went down.

I got my computer at work! I also finally got my formal letter of employment offer. And the phone line goes to my office now. I’m all moved in!

I learned a new phrase in Mandarin. Diu bou qi – it means roughly “I’m sorry,” or “excuse me.” Maybe in a few days I’ll do a post on my adventures in the culture of my new lab, as roughly 90 percent of conversations are in Mandarin.

And … I’m heading to bed.


One response to “What Mommy Blog is Comlete Without an ER Trip?

  1. I once drove 2 hours at 2 am to get to the ER – monkey had the 39.9 fever. By the time the doc saw him, he was sleeping fine and the fever had broken…murphys law. but better safe then sorry. Hugs to the little guys, hopefully it breaks soon

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