A List of Happinesses

It’s just happinesses today.

Sunshine and cool wind! While Cameron doesn’t like the wind now, it brought back some lovely memories of when he was just maybe four months old, newly facing outwards in his Bjorn carrier. The wind would gust, and he’d burble with excitement, kicking his little legs.

I had lunch in the lunchroom today, first time I’ve braved that one yet. I felt kinda badly for the woman I sat beside, as she felt obliged to converse in English with me instead of joining in the happy and loud chatter in Mandarin. But I got lots of encouraging smiles (and some laughter too) as I tried using my very limited vocabulary. Oh – and she was delighted that when we were discussing differences in food between our culture I knew what she was talking about when she mentioned ‘small dumplings with sweet or meat filling.” I don’t know how to spell it, but it sounds like jao-tseh (meat filled) and bao-tseh (sweet).

I tried a new-to-me food today. Roasted and seasoned watermelon seeds. You crack them like sunflower seeds, and eat the microscopic little flake of seed inside. The seasoning tasted good, and the seeds had a nice flavour, but it’s a heck of a lot of work for a little bit of food.

My friend Andrew, who started grad school at the same time as I did and was in the same lab, is not only getting married, he’s headed to Ireland for a post-doc. While I’m a little sad because that means I probably won’t see him for a very long time, I’m also very thrilled for him.

Cameron and I went to Andrew’s lab going away party (despite a Cameron still having a low fever). Our grad supervisor threw it for him on her building’s rooftop patio. So I got to see some old friends, hang out with Andrew a little, see my former supervisor, and relax a bit with a fabulous view of the North Shore mountains, whitecaps in the bay, and the city.

Cameron dancing at the party in the sun, mouth full of watermelon, a big pink and green wedge in each hand.

An anticipated happiness …
As soon as Cameron’s asleep (good gods, it’s ten twenty and he’s still going strong playing in his crib, wtf is going ON?) and I’ve brought the laundry upstairs, I’m going to have a bath. I’m going to get to bed earlier than I have the last two nights. And I’m going to read a little. In bed. What a luxury!


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