Lunchtime Success

I am very happy to report that for most days this week I’ve been a good girl. I might fall a little short of my goals for garbage reduction this week, but in lunches I’ve rocked. I say most because I honestly cannot remember what I did for lunch on Monday. I might’ve bought it on campus.  Not only have I generated next to no un-recyclable waste, I’ve tried to buy environmentally concious ingredients. Check out my lunch container and cutlery too.

My lunches and snacks have been:


Organic greens  … okay, they came in a plastic container, but that’s at least recyclable.

Organic carrots … large bag of baby carrots, so some plastic wastage there. When it’s gone I’ll buy from the local farmer’s market.

Organic yellow and green peppers … scraps composted.

Tomatoes … okay,  I’ll admit those were hothouse cherry tomatoes.

Chevre …  not organic. Sue me. I’m not made of money, hence the non-organic.

Olive oil … bought in the largest glass bottle I know I’ll use before it goes off, and raspberry vinegar.


Fresh fruit … no not organic, running at the edge of my food budget . Strawberries and/or mango, or melon.

Vanilla  yogurt … okay, not organic, but at least made locally and in recyclable plastic tubs. Pile this on top of the fruit and by lunch you’ve got a yummy fruity yogurt sauce mixed in with the fruit, and seriously creamy-rich topping. My plan is for next week I’ll buy the unsweetened kind, and maybe start making my own. We’ll see.


Apples, sesame snaps bought bulk, almonds bought bulk.


To drink:

Okay okay. Before I start patting myself on the back too much, here ‘s where I’ve flopped.

I buy a latte every morning. Need to curb that habit – if not for the environment, then for my wallet. Goal for this weekend, find and clean my coffee travel mugs.

Water. On the not-so-great side, it’s in the big bottles that get delivered to work, but you really can’t drink the tap water in this building. Biomed research and all that.

Italian Soda, which is basically the flavoured syrup we all know from coffee shops with fizzy water. At least it comes in compostable corn cups. Although Enviromom points out that these aren’t so great after all, when faced with a choice of that or plastic I’d rather the corn.



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