And again …

Another happiness post tonight – my brain is misplaced. It’s somewhere in my apartment I’m sure, ticking away at my thoughts on Morgentaler and the Order of Canada. I’ll post when I find it.


Sleeping in until just past eight o’clock. I’d woken up at six thirty-ish, and half dozed, appreciating the luxury, until I heard Cameron start to wake up.

Lying stretched out on the trampoline in the back yard in midafternoon, in the dappled shade of the pear tree. The sky was bright blue with wisps of clouds, one touched with a hint of a rainbow.

Cameron stayed ‘clean and dry’ all day! Including one trip to pee that caught me by surprise. I heard the distinct sound of water being poured in the toilet while I was in the bathroom (the toilet has its own room). To my surprise, there was Cameron, stark nekkid, STANDING on his stool and peeing. Not one drop missed. I’ll still get him to sit, but now I know he a) knows about standing to pee and b) can do it if need be.

Cameron played fairly independently while I tidied and washed dishes.

The kitchen may still have some fruit flies (I need to empty the compost collection bucket more frequently apparently) but it’s far fewer than before. And thanks to my methods, my kitchen now smells a bit like slightly overcooked plum pie. A good way of getting rid of hordes of the things is to cut up some very ripe fruit and put it on a dish in your oven, and then leave the door open. Make sure there’s nothing else in the kitchen to attract them – no dirty dishes, no compost, no garbage, no ripe fruit. Around a half-hour later sneak back in and shut the door quickly. Turn on the oven.
Sitting on the veranda drinking orangina with Cameron, a happy Nimoo on my lap. She’s an indoors kitty, but always wants out, so she was quite thrilled. The huge maples that line the street shaded us just enough, and friendly neighbours waved hello as they walked past.

We went swimming this evening. Blue sky, still-warm sunshine, cool water. Cameron had a blast!

And best of all …
He was so tired by bathtime that his eyes were threatening to close right there. Still, once in his PJs, he demanded two stories. Poor little guy, he was just about out before I was done the second one. So I read an abridged version. Then we did something we haven’t done since he was done with bedtime boobie. I cradled him almost exactly like I used to back then, and quietly told him while he dozed off how proud I was of him, what things he did today that made me proud, and how much he is loved. He didn’t even wake when I put him to bed.


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