It was a big light-bulb moment. Silence from through the wall. Two minutes earlier Cameron had cried and whined, and when I was lured in he got up in his bed and was full of giggles and play.

“Cameron, sweetheart, it’s late. It’s time to sleep.”

“It’s not late. It’s not late.” Bounce, bounce, giggle, bounce.

“Cameron it is late. I’m sleepy. I’m going to bed. You can stay awake in here and play if you like, but I need to go to sleep. I won’t come back in. See you in the morning my love. Good night.”

I turned out the light in the living room, and went to bed. I know he can hear me getting into bed, and so that added a measure of believability.

There wasn’t even one more peep. Ten minutes later I peeked in … and he was sound asleep, covered over with his puff.


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