Thursday Happinesses

You already know about this one. Warm crumbly cakey butter-slathered scone goodness. Happy in my tummy. Which is good, some part of me deserves to not be feeling sick.

Cameron sitting on the toilet, “reading” a knitting how-to book. I’d explained to him that sweaters are really just one big complicated knot, so he flipped pages saying, “Blue knot. Compi-kated knot. Green knot. Yellow knot. That one’s red, it’s a knot.”

My neighbours are back! Cameron was thrilled to see Samuel again. They played hockey together, ran around the back yard together, and generally had fun. It was good to see Maite and Phillip too – I’ve missed them.

Cameron just couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw where we were heading. We’d left daycare, gone to Capers (yeoouch, gotta stop shopping there, hurts my wallet),  and I figured what the heck. Let’s go to the park! So we stopped at the school playground and played chase.

No fussing, counting, or bouncing tonight at bedtime. Into bed, snuggle down, exchange “Love you” a few times, and he went to sleep.

Now … you’d think since I was sick I’d be heading to bed early. Can’t. Cameron needs clean shorts and underwear for the morning, so must do laundry. While it’s tempting to just pop him into swim trunks … I have to wash some dishes and make my lunch for tomorrow anyway. Might as well do laundry.


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