1, 2, 3, 4 Monsters Walking Across the Floor

I’ve been singing this song all afternoon, and for some reason it made me happy. Let’s see if I can embed a YouTube video. Watch it with the little ones!

Feist is a local singer (local-ish at least, not sure where she’s from but apparently she’s a BC gal), whose songs have the knack of lodging themselves in my brain for a long time. Cool that she’s on Sesame Street! Cameron loved it too, and was counting along, and singing it on our walk. Okay, only I knew what he was singing, others just heard, “One! Two! Three! Four! Ten! Nine! Monsters! On! Floor! Woah woah waoh!”

Other happinesses today …

The livingroom and my bedroom got vacuumed and the floor in the kitchen got mopped.

Cameron and Samuel playing in the back yard, running under and through the sprinkler, bouncing on the trampoline in the late evening sunshine!


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