The cat is lucky. Very lucky. I seriously felt like opening the door, grabbing her by the tail, and flinging her as hard as I could outside.

I had just picked up the car seat, Cameron was all set to go, the neighbours were waiting for us. Drip. Drip. Drip. That’s right, Nimoo peed in Cameron’s car seat again.

Okay okay, I knew she’d done it once, I shouldn’t leave it upright and uncovered. But it was ONE NIGHT!

Cameron’s off to play at the water park (yay Maite and Phil by the way!) in a cover-less carseat that still stinks of kitty pee (double-yay for Maite and Phil, for still taking him) because she got the straps too.

For those who don’t know the situation, she’s done this before, with my bed, and Cameron’s pack and play when he first came home. Revenge pee. Or sometimes a plea for attention. It’s not a UTI. It’s a very deliberate ‘comment’ I’m sure. What I don’t get is what the comment is about this time. We’re here, we haven’t gone away, Cameron’s being good with her, she’s getting good attention, she got new food because she clearly didn’t like the old stuff and she gobbled it up – purring as she ate! Her litter box is clean, even fresh! Yeah, she’s an indoors kitty and desperately wants outside, but that’s always been the case.

I won’t get rid of her for this … she’s come a long long way from the angry and unhappy kitty that she was, and this is relatively minor. Plus, despite all she’s done (pee, poop, scars on my wrists and ankles), I do love her and it would make me awfully sad to not have her here. Even if I did it the ‘right’ way and found a home for her. Which I think would be hard. “Well, she has de-activated front claws because she, well, yeah those scars are from her. Why am I getting rid of her? Uh, well, she pees where she shouldn’t…” (please, no flames about the claws, it was a difficult choice but necessary, and I still think in this case was the right one)

Maybe it’s time for me to find a way to safely prop a window open just enough for her to get onto the roof in the evenings. But I know once I do that it’s just a matter of time before she takes the leap down. Or is it? She had second-floor balcony access at Joanne’s when we lived there and only got ‘off’ twice, both by accident. And of course, once cleaned, the car seat just can’t stay out where she can do this again. Maybe she’ll take a while before deciding on the next location. Just please please please don’t let it be Bunny, Blanket, or Cameron’s bed.

Anyone have other suggestions?


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